Welcome to Perl/Linux. A Linux distribution where ALL programs are written in perl.

Here is a "screenshot":
Perl/Linux 0.9.5 (none) /dev/tty1

(none) login: root
(none):/# ls /bin
aced       chmod      edit       glob       ls         ping       sort       uname
aced.pl    chown      emacs      grep       mail       pr         split      unexpand
apply      clear      env        head       mkdir      printenv   strings    uniq
ar         cmp        execsh     hostname   mkfifo     printf     stty       unshar
arch       colrm      expand     id         mount      pwd        sum        vi
awk        cp         expr       join       mv         random     tail       wc
basename   cut        false      kill       od         rev        test       which
bc         diff       file       ldd        passwd     rm         time       xargs
cal        dirname    find       ln         paste      rmdir      touch      yes
cat        du         find2perl  login      patch      shar       tr         
chgrp      echo       fold       look       pico       sleep      true       
(none):/# ifconfig eth0
(none):/# route add default gw
(none):/# ping is alive
(none):/# mount
rootfs on / type rootfs (rw)
/dev/root on / type hostfs (rw)
none on /dev type devfs (rw)
none on /proc type proc (rw)

Download the latest version, Perl/Linux 0.9.5

See the Perl/Linux project page for project information and CVS access.

Many of the programs came from Perl Power Tools (PPT). Other programs came from Jay Kominek's Perl/Linux page. Other programs, I wrote or enhanced, including: plHttpd (web server), edit (aced based), vi (enhanced aced), mount (enhanced unSlider version), xargs, login, passwd, getty, halt, init, ifconfig, route

The only compiled code in this Perl/Linux system is: Linux Kernel (not currently built with this project), perl, and uClibc.

If anyone is using this project or has interests in development of it, please let me know.

-Don Mahurin (perllinux@openright.org)

What people are saying

"it had to be done!" - acme

"wicked!" - klsh

"What, is this a joke?" - avik

"In Soviet Russia, a beowulf cluster of these imagine you!" - slashbot

Looks like another case of creativity somehow going completely awry ;)